Website business card

Creation of a simple website for the company to be able to inform the client about us and our services

Project Information

  • Client Name: Starmun
  • Location: USA
  • Problem: The absence of a website in the company
  • Execution time: 2 weeks


Welcome to the comprehensive overview of the development journey for the agro products portfolio website of a young agricultural company based in the United States. In this venture, we shall navigate through the intricacies of crafting a digital platform that not only showcases the company’s agricultural achievements but also serves as a conduit to engage with international partners.

Client Consultation

The expedition commences with immersive discussions to comprehend the client’s aspirations, objectives, and requirements. Through collaborative exchanges, we gained insights into the company’s agricultural endeavors, target markets, and envisioned website functionalities. Transparent dialogue and constructive collaboration laid the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

Research and Planning

A comprehensive analysis was undertaken to dissect agricultural trends, market dynamics, and competitor landscapes. This phase facilitated the formulation of a strategic roadmap that aligns with the company’s objectives while positioning it as a frontrunner in the agricultural domain. A detailed project plan was crafted, delineating timelines, milestones, and resource allocations.

Design Conceptualization

Empowered by insights gleaned from the research phase, our design team embarked on sculpting innovative concepts tailored to the client’s brand narrative and market positioning. Iterative design iterations ensured the evolution of design direction in resonance with client preferences and industry benchmarks.

HTML Markup and Development

The chosen design concept was transmuted into HTML markup, meticulously adhering to web standards and conventions. Leveraging the flexibility and customization capabilities of WordPress, the development endeavor focused on crafting a dynamic, user-centric interface that facilitates seamless navigation and engagement.

Customization and Integration

While WordPress provided a robust foundation, customization was paramount to reflect the company’s unique identity. Bespoke functionalities and plugins were developed to meet specific requirements, including integration with data visualization tools for showcasing agricultural results and interactive maps for highlighting global partnerships.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing protocols were instituted to identify and rectify any anomalies or discrepancies across various devices and user scenarios. From functionality validation to cross-browser compatibility testing, every aspect of the website underwent meticulous scrutiny to ensure optimal performance.

Deployment and Launch

With testing endeavors concluded and client approval secured, the website was primed for deployment. Diligent attention was devoted to ensuring a seamless transition from development to production environment, minimizing downtime and safeguarding data integrity. Post-launch support mechanisms were instituted to address any unforeseen exigencies swiftly.


In conclusion, the development journey of the agro products portfolio website for the young agricultural company epitomized a harmonious amalgamation of creativity, technical prowess, and strategic foresight. By harnessing the capabilities of WordPress and adhering to industry best practices, we delivered a bespoke solution that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations, fostering fruitful collaborations with international partners.

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